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Alice in Chains’ Musical Career

Alice in Chains was born in the heavy metal culture of eighties Seattle. Singer Layne Stanley made multiple attempts at getting a band together before eventually forming Alice N’ Chains with guitarist Nick Pollock and bassist Johnny Bacolas.

More about Alice in Chains

The truncated name of this band was conceived so as to avoid association with bondage. However, when the group broke up in 1987, Stanley joined the band of guitarist-songwriter Jerry Cantrell and the two young musicians decided to adopt a name previously considered by Stanley’s old band: Alice in Chains. The other members of this four-man group were bass player Mike Starr and drummer Sean Kinney.

Alice in Chains quickly became recognized as a hot new talent in the field of metal music, and was signed up by Columbia Records. The first official recording to be made by the band was We Die Young, a single released in 1990; this was quickly followed by the band’s first album, ‘Facelift’.

As time went on, Alice in Chains formed a central act in what is now seen as one of the most significant movements in 1990s popular music: grunge. The band straddled the gap between alternative metal and grunge, helping to attract fans of the established metal genre to the new musical trend.

The band’s career continued to sour with the albums Dirt, Jar of Flies and the self-titled Alice in Chains, containing tracks with a darker undercurrent compared to their relatively upbeat early work.

Members of the band came and went as time passed on. Most tragically, original founder Layne Stanley died in 2002 after succumbing to a drug addiction. But despite this, Alice in Chains continues to perform to this very day: Jerry Cantrell and Sean Kinney now play alongside Mike Inez and William DuVall, to enthusiastic crowds around the world, with an Alice in Chains tour scheduled for 2015.

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